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  • My entire experience from the search to the final closing was seamless and professional. I had a very tight search criteria and almost immediately Stephyne was able to show me several options.We found a home I was interested in pretty quickly. That is when Stephyne and her team went to work. I was a first Time home buyer and she really helped guide me in a process I was totally lost in. From the initial offer to the inspection process and the subsequent offer I was always in the loop. I was informed throughout the process and feel like Stephyne and her team got me a really fair deal on my home.
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    The Rookie
    Austin, TX
  • Stephyne was super responsive when we needed her to run out and show us a house with an offer deadline. She also braved some nasty smells and bugs to show us around the fixer-upper! In my interactions with Stephyne,she was professional, personable, and knowledgeable.
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    Austin, TX
  • Stephyne was great! She took the time to show us as many properties as it took for us to find the perfect home. We were moving from out of town and she was able to schedule several viewings on each of the days we were able to come to town.We are very happy with the results!
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    Austin, TX
  • Stephyne was an absolute delight to work with. She was very hands on throughout the entire process which was great as this was one first time purchasing a home. She truly dedicated herself to finding the perfect home for my fiancé and I.While we were looking to find and purchase a home pretty quickly, I never felt pressured in any way to commit. Stephyne always had my best interest at heart! Can't thank her enough for helping me through this process and finding my fiancé and I the perfect home!
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    Michael Vollkommer
    Austin, TX
  • Stephanye William's provides awesome dependable service.She was there for everything down to the inspections and closing.I highly recommend her for your next property purchase or rental.I am so pleased with her services, thank you again Stephanye...
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    Round Rock, TX
  • Stephyne was extremely accomadating to my crazy work schedule,I had a pretty narrow search area and price range and Stephyne found me several places to search almost immediately.Once we found a house I was interested in Stephyne worked her magic and made the rest of the process very easy. After I made the choice to make an offer Stephyne and her team went to work helping guide me on what was a fair offer, the inspection process and other aspects I was not aware of in the home buying process.
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    Austin, TX
  • Stephyne helped us with an investment property purchase and primary home purchase. Her professionalism, responsiveness and local knowledge is key to helping us selecting the right homes.She's a delight to work with in-person and remotely to fit our busy schedules. We can't be happier with the results!
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    Jonestown, TX
  • Stephyne is not only an excellent real estate agent but also amazing person. I was hesitant to buy because I was afraid of overwhelming process. Stephyne has engaging personality and very strong communication skills.She listens and will get to understand your needs. With her skills and knowledge about housing market and future plans for new builds and existing trends she is able to advise and guide you in the right direction. I knew I am in a good hands. Thanks to her and her network of connections (lenders, builders, property management and more) the whole buying process was an amazing adventure and I bought a wonderful property which was much much better than what I initially had in mind. Without hesitation I will continue to work with Stephyne and recommend her services. She already worked with many of my friends producing beautiful and happy results.
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    Pflugerville, TX
  • Stephyne was the best "boots on the ground" realtor for a long distance client. She was super responsive, very detail oriented and flexible while maintaining strength in her negotiations and position with our sellers.Stephyne took the time to get to know me, my needs and was not afraid to suggest some out of the box ideas to keep me moving forward with the process. She is a wealth of resources and took the time to do research on anything that threw us off track. I would highly recommend Stephyne for your Austin area real estate needs; especially for those of us investing from a distance.
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    Toni Conway
    Pflugerville, TX
  • Stephyne was very helpful to us. She really listend to what we are looking for. Within a very short time she had all the properties lined up and we went to see them. She goes out of her way to make sure everything is correct.She was also very helpful in getting information for first time buyers and all the necessary information. Stephyne made it very easy for us to look for and purchase a home.
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    Pflugerville, TX
  • As a first time homebuyer, the home buying process seemed overwhelming and complicated. Thanks to Stephyne, it was a positive and smooth experience! During our first meeting,she listened to exactly what I was looking for in a home and was quick to help with any questions or concerns that I had. Stephyne's expertise and thoroughness made me feel confident that I was in good hands throughout the entire process. I would definitely recommend Stephyne to a friend and would work with her again!
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    Madi Even
    Pflugerville, TX
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    Dominique Berge
    Mackview, Vermont
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    Cullen Sauer
    East Claudiashire, Connecticut
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    Scarlett Yundt
    North Pinkborough, Utah
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    Ila Stamm
    West Patricia, Hawaii
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    Amber Corkery
    Smithamland, Florida
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    Ignatius McLaughlin
    Joeview, California
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    Savanah Kreiger
    Lake Daltonville, Washington
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    Lue Schulist
    New Rocky, Vermont
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    Madilyn Howe
    Leannonburgh, Michigan
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    Matt Altenwerth
    Alyshashire, Ohio
  • "Quick to respond and able to help with relocation"

    Rodney is very knowledgable in real estate. He has agents all over to help if you happen to be moving to/from outside his normal working area. Rodney connected us with a local agent in the Woodlands where we sold our home and he then helped us buy our dream home in Austin.It's worth mentioning that he helped us get in with a 3rd party company that helped us to get an up front cash loan so we could make a strong offer and win the contract. I would definetly use him again.
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    D. Havard
  • "Great Realtor!"

    Rodney is a great Realtor and can find and help you get whatever you are looking for.

    J. Lewallen
  • "Aggresive seller and buyer representative"

    Rodney's expertise and patience was invaluable in listing and selling my home. He then found just what I needed to buy for my forever home. He made selling and buying a much easier process than I imagined.I highly recommend Rodney as a Realtor who is hard working, honest and knowledgeable in the real estate industry. Thank you Rodney!!!
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    V. Martin
  • "Friendly knowledgable land purchase."

    We have used Rodney Monk on several land purchases in the past... we found him to be very knowledgeable about the land and the pricing.. he really works hard for his clients... aside from being a great salesman,he is an outstanding individual as we have come to know him on a personal basis also.. if you need some land in central Texas... I suggest you give him a try.
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    J. Wernli
  • "Land purchase made easy."

    We were really pleased with Rodney on our latest land purchase. He kept the process going and answered all our questions along the way. We will definitely be using Rodney on our next home purchase.

    M. Cotten
  • "5 star Realtor!"

    I have worked with Rodney many times over a 15 year period. I can honestly say he is a true proffessional and definetly knows his real estate. I highly recommend Rodney for anyone wanting to buy orsale thier home or land.
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    M. Jenkins
  • "Relocation Specialist"

    Rodney helped me make my relocation to Texas from Minnesota a smooth process. He is very knowledgable about all of Central Texas area and always quick to answer any questions or concerns.I would highly recommend Rodney for your home buying needs.
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    Sarah K.
  • "Buying or selling he is top notch!"

    Rodney is very personal and works to understand your needs. He has a great personality and works hard to meet those needs. He helped me sell my house and then found me another home.He took the time to be with us at both closings.
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    C. Brown
  • The most successful realtors we have worked with truly study and know their neighborhoods in and out - and there is no one that knows the Highpointe market better than Mark and Tana.They take all the guesswork out of selling a home because of their expertise and involvement in the community. End-to-end the process was quick and efficient - they truly made the experience of selling our home much less stressful. Thank you Mark and Tana! -Keri and Blake
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    K Davis
  • If you are looking for a realtor, especially in the Highpointe area, I’d like to recommend Mark and Tana Hunt. They sold our house for us back in March and they were awesome to work with.They know the area better than most and made the entire process so easy for us. Selling a home is an emotional and stressful time and Tana was especially great with keeping in touch with me the weekend our house was on the market by letting me know everything that was going on. I would not hesitate to work with them in the future and would absolutely recommend them to anyone looking to sell or buy a home.
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    J. Harrison
  • We are very glad we had you and Mark as our realtors while selling our rental house this past July. Since we live an hour away from the house, I needed you to be available to check out the house daily and meet several vendors at the house.We appreciated your vendor recommendations and used them to complete the house preparations. You always went out of your way to meet what we needed done. You made selling the house very easy.
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    K. Smith
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