Jon Demontreville


As an Artist, I'm always looking for creative ways to approach Real Estate, such as Owner Financing. I'm quite certain that if there's a will there's a way and I've taken on the responsibility to find that way for those who will.

My Interest in Real Estate really began around the time I moved to Austin, back in 1998. I was ready to stop the rat race of renting and determined to own a house. The First obstacle I had was to establish credit. As my career in Hair Art was providing well but my style was to save and buy. I never had payments or accruing interest any where which left me with no credit. I soon found out this was even worse than having bad credit. So what did I do you may ask, Well I went out and bought A new car for Me and My Baby's Momma with in a year and paid them both off as quickly as I could. Credit at last. I bought my first House in the early 2000's, turned it into a rental after living in it and adding a creative flair to it. Sold it some time later and used the proceeds to buy another. This was a strategy I had heard about and was very appealing to me as a way to develop a fairly well leveraged investment on my capital and earn a little mail box money along the way. Working with Realtors through out this process I found myself more and more interested in having immediate access to what was on the market, motivating me to go back to school once again and get yet other license. I'm so glad I did, Real Estate has opened so many new doors for me and I'm still learning new stuff at nearly every turn. It's more than a career, it's an adventure.

Let me back it up a bit. If you'd like to more about me please continue to read.

I'm 42 and have an amazing 13 yr old daughter named Rayne. We live together and love it. She is truly a beacon of inspiration for me as I hope I am to her. I've been doing Hair since the 80's and went to a Macrobiotic Culinary School called the Natural Epicurean, here in town, back in 05' & 06'. There I studied Shiatsu as well as going through the entire Culinary program. It seems when I'm feeling the passion for something lately I just go for it. And Food has been a passion of mine for most of my life, This was the perfect school to perfect the healthy style of cooking I'd been working on.

So here I am today, Jon D, the Hair Artist, The Realtor, The Father, The Chef, The Lover. Any and all of these aspects may be witnessed on a daily occasion. In short now that you know a bit about me it's time for me to get to know something about or for you. Call me anytime for support and let me guide you through your experience buying or selling your next home!

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