Corey Burke-Crawford

It's standard Real Estate jargon for me to tell you that Real Estate is one of the largest investments that you will make in your lifetime. While many Realtors may spout that info, I have lived and breathed Real Estate since 2006 and in my life, it has been the biggest wealth builder and generational life changer that I have personally experienced.

In less than a decade I have personally purchased 19 different projects, including 9 single family homes, 4 duplexes and 8 vacant lots. I started this process with a loan approval of $160k and borrowing $4500 from my mom and giving her an equity stake in my first property. All of my projects included an extensive amount of remodeling or building, and I did a fair amount of these by putting less than 5% down. Through this process I learned that wealth does build more wealth and that buying one house can change a life.

I also learned a ton about various loan programs that are out there and how to best use them to acquire property and/or remodel or build property! There are so many creative ways to obtain property, use equity, and buy more property. This passion of mine is best shared, so whether it's your first or your fifteenth property, I'd love to help.

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