Kristina Ainsworth

Professional Realtor & Business Owner

Hello! I am Kristina, it's nice to meet you. I love real estate: working with people, negotiating, managing the transaction and of course viewing property! Real Estate can be a financial investment, a way to make passive income and a place to call home. It's dynamic and can be both frustrating and joyful. Whether you are up-sizing, down-sizing or getting into your first place, I am here to help. Let me guide you with clarity through the process and we'll also have some fun! I have sold Real Estate in Oregon, owned investment property and bought & sold a handful of homes. I've worked in foreclosures, commercial & residential real estate and I also run an e-commerce business. Can't wait to meet you and find out what you are aiming to do. Let's work together to accomplish your goals. Talk to you soon!

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